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I'm Catherine 

 accredited transformational life & Career coach and business mentor

I am a multi-certified, Transformational Life & Career Coach and Business Mentor who empowers individuals to reclaim their authority and confidently step into their next level self so that they can perform at their best no matter what life throws at them. Through my 1:1 signature RESULT coaching, online courses & corporate events, I help people to take aligned actions to become the very best version of themselves.

I specialise in business, positive psychology and neuroscience to deliver a multi-dimensional experience to help you find the answers you truly need. It's my mission to encourage you to be able to confidently create your own unique and powerful path to transform your self-belief's, confidence, career, relationships and overall mind-set. I help train your mind so that you can become the most dynamic and radiant version of yourself.

Having trained extensively in a number of techniques, I support with clients who feel stagnant, unable to change their behavioural habits - tackle their challenges and move towards their goals. I integrate various methods to create individualised programmes, unique to each client's stage of growth, assessing where they are and importantly where they want to be, so that every journey creates a significant and lasting transformation.

I believe that when you stop settling for less, release everything that is holding you back and embrace change, you will achieve a life full of meaning, purpose & freedom - and that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do. My mission is to empower you to utilise your full potential, so that you experience success and genuinely feel nothing is beyond your reach.

“Be in the driver's seat of your own life, because if you're not, life will drive you.”

Michelle Obama

We all have a journey 

Here's mine.

Becoming a Life & Career Coach was my conscious chosen path, not one that I fell into. I am a woman who decided to go for it. It really is as simple as that. 

Since as long as I can remember I have had an overwhelming passion to truly motivate and empower people to reach their full potential, goals & desires. Unknowingly, I had been doing this throughout my finance career and also in my personal relationships - I've always valued building strong connections with people above all else.  As a high achiever, constantly striving for the best, giving 110% to everything - I was constantly finding myself thinking 'what next' and 'what else can I do  & achieve?' 

Having spent almost a decade in corporate finance, I've experienced first-hand the challenges that come with climbing corporate ladders, succeeding in fast-paced & pressured environments, as well the trials and tribulations of balancing life, work and also wellbeing.  As I mentored more and more individuals who had approached me for guidance and advice, it became evident that I had to set up my coaching business. 

I decided that it was time to take the leap and chose to take action - even though I was uncertain of the outcome and anxious about the what-ifs. I knew I was here for much more and from that day I have never looked back. 

Years of investment into personal development enabled me to take control over my mindset and ditch the people pleasing, perfectionism and hustle & overworking - I now embody the woman who lights up every room she walks into. It's important for me to share my story with you because I've been where you are now & walked in your shoes. I am here to show you what is possible when you choose to invest in yourself. Not only have I significantly transformed my own life - in a way that is sustainable & delivers consistent results - I’ve tapped into my natural gifts of helping people transform their minds and lives. I truly believe my path has shaped me into the most compassionate and impactful coach I can be.

Today, I grab life with both hands and really believe that anything is possible when we truly train our mind.  It's my personal mission to help you up-level your life, realise how capable and deserving you are, embrace your potential; and build a mindset that will take you places - so that YOU too can achieve your goals both personally and professionally. 

Recognised Expertise 

I am formally certified as a Transformational Life Coach, Level 5 Diploma (ACT & ICF Accredited), Career Coach & Health Coach and am a EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-i 360 Practitioner. I have also received training in:

• Neuro-Linguistic Programming analysing how to scientifically use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes;
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methods of changing thought processes to eliminate negative behaviour influencing thoughts, behaviours and feelings;
Compassion Focused Therapy, helping to promote mental and emotional healing by encouraging people to be more compassionate to themselves; 
• Integrative mindfulness focusing and being aware of the present moment, non-judgmentally; and 
• Manifestation through increased awareness to embody an abstract or theoretical concept.

I hold a first class honours Business degree (Bsc) and have worked for almost a decade in the financial services sector – across sales, finance, treasury, accounting and banking. I am the Founder of Women in Business Society and am a strong advocate for female entrepreneurs and Inclusion & Diversity, having organised and presented several impactful events on these important topics (check out my Membership page to find more details on this). In my banking career, I Co-Chair the EMEA Gender Balance Committee, focused on driving and gender equality through focused, tangible action-points at all levels throughout the organisation, to ensure I&D is a business imperative. I represent the business by engaging with multiple decision-makers and key stakeholders internally, aimed at step changing the culture towards one of more equality. 

I was featured in the Yahoo Finance Global HERoes Women Future Leaders Role Model List in 2022, 2021 & 2020, the WeAreTheCity Tech Women 100 Leaders List in 2022 and am a UK representative for Psychological Safety (ensuring individuals feel psychologically safe, accepted and respected when speaking up with ideas, questions or concerns). 

As important as formal qualifications are, my most extensive training has actually been my life experience, which has been key to my success. I have a unique blend of significant experience in the corporate world and substantial knowledge and training in emotional intelligence, health & relationships. These have all, equally, taught me so many life lessons, which I am inspired to pass onto you and encourage you to use to your advantage. I believe we are all our own best coach, but sometimes we need unwavering belief and support from someone else to set us on the right track. That is exactly what I am here to do, to ensure you embody long-lasting transformation.

I look forward to providing you with insight and inspiration and guiding you into this truly amazing and transformational lifestyle through my courses, events or meeting you through my individual coaching.

With love,
Catherine x

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